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City Sex is a well-designed New York adult dating site with decent features and plenty of hot ladies to look through. The member’s main page offers the hottest profiles (it’s impossible to tell how they determine what hottest really means), live cams, a list of who has viewed your profile, a list of who is online now, and links to your profile features and the search function. It looks good and it’s easy to use, but there are issues here.

My chief problem with City Sex is that so much of it seems fake. There are tons of profiles that feature pictures of online models and pornstars.

I know these girls are not on City Sex looking for hook ups. Those are fake profiles or girls that will never actually meet you. They also work really hard to fake you into buying a membership. Chat messages will pop up from hot looking young chicks in your town that really want to chat. Sadly, you can’t actually chat until you’ve signed up and once you do you’ll discover that those aren’t really girls but bots that pump out chat responses to get members to sign up. The same goes for all the messages you’ll get as a free member. Those are all fake and their desperation for money really stinks up the site. Most New York adult dating sites do some version of that stuff but there are few that are as greedy about it as City Sex and it’s a problem.

The issue is that it becomes hard to trust that any of the girls in the search results are actually real. Maybe you’ll message dozens of girls and find out that they’re all fake. The bald-faced greed is troublesome and makes it really difficult to trust that the site has anything real to offer. Does that sound like fun? Of course not! Every hot face you see could be a made up profile they’re using to lure people into paying for a membership.

I limited my search to New York adult dating results and the first one that came up was a fake profile. The girl in the picture has been online as a solo model for years and I know she’s not from Brooklyn like the profile says. Then there are lots that have no pictures at all and more fake profiles mixed in there. I guess some people will be titillated and amazed that such a good looking girl is there in a profile but if it’s not real then it doesn’t matter one damn bit, does it? Way too many of the profiles lack pictures or any sort of information, too.

You can search for profiles with pictures only, although a few still come up that are without pictures. There are lots of results for New York sex dating here at City Sex, but that should come as no surprise. The girls are almost all young though and to be honest, there aren’t enough that are unattractive. I’m not saying you want those girls, but all adult dating sites have them and this one seems to be free of them. Do they just reject the ugly girls or is every damn profile on here made up and not worth messaging because you’ll get nothing back but a request for money from the site?

You can send an email or a flirt to any of the girls and they have an instant message system as well. Browsing profile pictures is simple once you’ve signed up, although few of the ladies have put up more than a couple of shots. The profiles I looked through didn’t have nearly enough information though. In fact, some had none at all beyond the simple location, height, birthday kind of stuff. It’s another reason to think they’re not real profiles or girls that aren’t serious about hooking up.

City Sex is a well-designed and quality looking site, but if you dig a little deeper it crumbles. There are tons of fake profiles here that are designed to get you to sign up. They bombard you with fake chats and messages until you pay, at which point there are surprisingly few women that respond. They’re too focused on making money and not focused enough on giving you a reason to sign up, which would be to get laid. It’s not a great choice for New York dating.

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