Fling is so certain that you’re going to get laid by using their New York dating service that they will refund your money if you don’t find a hookup within three months. That’s all well and good, of course, but I would imagine you’re bailing on this site if you haven’t found someone within a week and you’re actually trying. Who the hell wants to wait for three months to fuck? It would be better just to spring for the New York escorts you’re thinking about.

If you go for a one month membership to Fling it costs $24.95. They charge $49.95 for three months access, which is more in line with other sites.

You can go for the Gold membership and pay a little more. It gets the ability to contact free users and to be featured higher in search results. There are lots of ladies at Fling and ultimate that’s what we’re looking for. A search for New York sex dating results came up with more than 40,000 girls to choose from. These girls are genuine; you can tell because there are plenty of ugly or fat chicks in the mix. The bad sites are the ones that fill their results with fake profiles and nothing but hotties. Some guys want to fuck an ugly babe and they should be allowed to show up in the results.

As a free member you can view the results but you have to sign up to view the profiles. There’s plenty of information. Most important is what the girl is looking for. This is mostly the sort of relationship she wants but the ladies can also list their sexual desires so you know if you match up. Most put pictures up and some have multiple shots you can look through. There’s actually some value in just jerking off to the amateur porn they’ve put up.

Fling gets a little pushy when it comes to trying to make money off of you. The premium webcams are pushed a little too hard. They sell products in the member’s area too and they can get a little too in your face about it. When a site has already taken my money I’m not a big fan of them trying to get more out of me.

If you’re looking for really high caliber women Fling is not the best choice. They have a surprising number of homely, chubby, or outright ugly women. That’s a sign that this is a real site and these are real women, of course, but there are other adult dating sites that advertise in such a way that allows them to bring in only beautiful and classy chicks. Perhaps you just want a sloppy slut to fuck though, and Fling would be perfect for that.

You can contact members through a flirt, a message, or chat. Some have video chat, although it doesn’t always work right and sometimes it seems like those girls are far from interested in any sort of hookup. The chat program works well, although the occasional message from a fake girl is pretty annoying. There’s nothing about New York adult dating sites that annoys me more than the constant push to get members to shell out dollars for something more through the use of fake chicks. Sex sells, but that’s annoying. Sign up for a free profile and in no time it will be filled with messages from women that don’t exist so you’ll sign up and pay cash to read them. Prepare to be thoroughly disappointed by what you find inside them.

The member video and picture content at Fling is good. There are hotties that love to show off their bodies and their sexual play. The amateur videos alone might be worth a membership, although there are adult dating sites that do it better. Ultimately, that’s the problem with Fling. It’s not a terrible site but for New York sex dating you have better options for everything they do. There are sites with hotter girls, sites with better amateur content, sites with better chat programs, etc. Check the list of great adult dating sites and you’ll find the best way to avoid having to go to a New York escort. Fling is decent but it’s not as good as it should be and you deserve the best.

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