As New York adult dating sites go, there are few worse than Horny Matches. A visit shows that the design needs to be reworked. It’s old and probably hasn’t been changed in half a decade. Modern New York sex dating sites have interactive features, great graphical work, and much more and this site has blandness all around. It’s ugly and not particularly functional, but that’s just a small part of the problem.

The real problem with Horny Matches is the huge disparity between men and women. You’re looking for New York dating and you’re not going to have much luck. There are more than 21,000 profiles for New York. Just over 6,000 of those are from women seeking men.

More than 15,000 of them are men seeking women. The numbers do not work in your favorite if you’re a man looking to get laid. The disparity is bad at almost every adult dating site (it’s actually pretty good at Ashley Madison) but it’s absolutely awful here. There are sites that have tens of thousands of members in New York City and Horny Matches has barely more than 13,000 in the entire state. The odds are just terrible here so it’s hard to figure why you would spend your money to try and be one of the lucky few guys that gets to hook up with these mythical women.

Not surprisingly, the women are in general not attractive. If you’re into fat chicks this would be  great site, but if you’re into New York dating because you want someone hot to fuck then Horny Matches will not be good for you. Browse through the results and you’ll see more fat, ugly, or gross chicks than you will attractive. You might think it’s that way across all these sites, but there are some that manage to attract lots of sexy young ladies with a strong desire to get laid in an anonymous kind of way. Those ladies are where you need to put your concentration and effort. Horny Matches cannot provide you with that.

If there was one adult dating site that was going to make you throw your hands up and turn to New York escorts it would be this one. They provide surprisingly little information about the girls. This is a problem on a number of New York sex dating sites and it needs to be fixed. Sexual compatibility is about more than looks and they should require that people put in a little more information or at least strongly encourage them to do so. When you get one line about someone that says they want to get naughty or have some fun you don’t really have any idea what you’re getting into, sexually speaking. A site that asks a battery of questions to dig into someone’s sexual preferences is much more impressive.

There is no chat of any kind at Horny Matches. Most sites have an instant message program you can use but here it’s just emails and flirts. You can add someone to your friend’s list but why sign up for New York adult dating here when you could go with a site that has video chat so you can see the girl in action or have webcam sex with her. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Most members upload one or two pictures and there are no videos. There are New York dating sites where you can access thousands of amateur pictures and videos and you won’t pay any more for those than you would for Horny Matches.

In some ways it’s staggering that Horny Matches is so far behind the times. Adult dating sites have advanced in impressive ways over the years and now they offer social networking features, great video, high quality amateur pictures, webcam chats, and much more. Some have huge archives of erotic stories. This site has none of those things. Nothing is worse than the total lack of women though. Only 3,000 in the entire state of New York compared to 16,000 men competing to fuck them. That’s insane. Those numbers are insane! You’re paying for a 3 percent chance to hook up with someone, essentially. Smart folks looking for New York adult dating will go elsewhere.

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