How To Get Laid Online

There are no tactics guaranteed to get you laid online but there are lots of ways to improve your chances, which is all you can ask for. Avoid simple mistakes and you’ll be head and shoulders above most of the guys you’re competing against. That makes it easy to get a lady to spread her legs for you.

The first thing you need to take care of is your picture. It’s the most important part of your profile. It’s best not to show your cock; ladies aren’t really interested in seeing that. Instead, you want to show your face and body in the most flattering light. The women of New York tend to be interested in successful, classy guys so you probably shouldn’t go with a totally shirtless look unless you have a rock hard chest and six pack abs. If you’ve got that you should always be shirtless because the women trying to get laid at an online dating site are mostly looking for a hot guy to bone them.

If you don’t have perfect abs then you need to project and air of success in your picture. The women of New York love powerful and successful guys, particularly Wall Street types. Take a picture of you in a suit or at least in a button up shirt and tie. If you want a specific type of girl – say you want to bang a hipster – then you’ll have to change your look, but if you want general success in New York you can’t go wrong modeling yourself after a Wall Street guy. Success is sexy no matter what though.

After the picture you need to take care of your profile. Confident men are universally attractive so make sure everything you write gets that sense of confidence across. Cocky men also get laid by a certain type of woman so if you can’t help but overdo it (there’s a definite difference between cocky and confident) you’ll be fine. The guys that sound creepy are the ones that will never get laid. Ultimately a woman is going to be concerned about her safety above everything else so if you write anything that makes it seem like you’re going to be a danger to her then she’s going to avoid you like the plague. After you’ve written your profile you should read it over several times and tweak it to remove any creepiness and leave in all the confidence. You can’t come off as weak. New York women looking to find a fuck partner online are interested in a strong, powerful man to fill them up.

After you’ve made the initial contact you should quickly move the girl towards a meet in person. In New York it’s smart to suggest a bar. Everybody goes to the bars and if you pick the right one it will be quiet enough that you can


talk. You want to be able to converse a little bit so she can get a sense that you’re safe. Again, make sure that you don’t come across as creepy. Be confident but not too pushy. Be nice and smile. Assure her that you just want good sex and it won’t be long before you have her in your bed.

Hotels in New York are awfully expensive and generally the rooms are tiny so try your best to convince her to go back to your place to have some fun. It will save you money and a headache. Try not to suggest that you go back to her place. That’s one of those creepy flags. If you have roommates you need to get them out of your place or you need to spring for a hotel. Women can get a little scared if they’re walking into a place with a couple of guys. That sort of situation can turn bad in no time. Even if you’re not going to force her into a threesome you don’t want her even thinking about the possibility. Try to stay classy, try to stay confident, and more than anything avoid coming off like a creep because no one likes that. You’ll get laid with ease if you can follow those rules.



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